We install:

All types of Geothermal Heating and Cooling Heat pump Systems

New homes

Retrofits of older homes, (as old as early 1800s).

Low cost ductless console type systems.

Consultation and design of systems for architects

Pre-build design consultation.

Light Commercial systems, offices, banks.

Municipal wastewater treatment heat recovery systems.

Greenhouses and Ice Rinks

Boat Storage sheds

Radiant Floors

Vacation home systems with propane backup heat that will run automatically during power outages.

We repair existing geothermal systems

Internet connected controls

We install Indoor air quality systems, central humidifiers, allergy filters, dehumidifiers, electronic air cleaners, heat recovery ventilators, air exchange systems conventional air to air heat pumps and Mini Split type air conditioners and heat pumps.

High Efficiency Heat Pumps

Evergreen Geothermal Loop Project