Benefits of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal is reliable, convenient and extremely comfortable

You don’t have to buy oil or propane, or pellets or wood. Geothermal is electric. You enjoy cleaner, safer and less costly heating and cooling. Geothermal systems are as reliable and effective as any other heating or cooling system, and are easier and less expensive to maintain. They are thermostatically controlled and run automatically. There is no wood to carry, or bags of pellets to haul, no oil delivery or oil or gas burner to clean and maintain. In fact, you are burning nothing.

Geothermal allows you to avoid the fluctuations of the oil and gas market and runs on grid supplied or solar electricity, a much more stable market.

You reduce your carbon footprint by three quarters, and even more when solar powered!

How it Works

Financial Benefits


Davis Testimonial

“Jan and I have been very pleased with our system and your work. I often recommend you to folks when asked about our geothermal system. Attached is our Energy Bill! Check out the savings!”

Thank you so much!

Mike & Jan Davis
Wells, Maine

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