Financial Benefits

30% Tax Credit


30% Tax Credit

The IRS will GIVE you 30% of the cost of a system as a tax credit. On a $35,000 system, the tax credit is $10,500.00 making the cost to you $24,500.

Maine and other states have financial aid as well.


Our systems have a 10 year factory warranty, the heat pumps have a projected life of 20 years, and the ground loops are projected to last 50 years plus.

Increased home energy

Geothermal increases home equity. Most homeowners know Central A/C will increase your home’s value. Now they are discovering that Geothermal heat and A/C will increase it even more.

In the case of new construction, a modern hot water baseboard system, central air conditioning, and a chimney added together will cost about the same as a Geothermal system. When the tax credit is factored in, the Geothermal system will frequently cost less. Even when comparing a conventional system without A/C, we can often install Geothermal heating and cooling for the same money. However, the residual value of the Geothermal system will be greater because of the long term energy savings. Think about it. If you were considering the purchase of 2 similar houses, and one was thousands of dollars a year cheaper to heat and cool, wouldn’t you be more likely to buy it?

Cost certainty

Because of our experience and know how, when Evergreen gives you a quote, we can guarantee you that it won’t change unless you change your specifications. We’ll put it in writing and you can count on cost certainty when you make your home construction / improvement plans.

Geothermal Energy Financial Benefits