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Geothermal Drilling

Why Should I buy my system from Evergreen Geothermal?

Maine’s Premier Geothermal system provider

Evergreen Geothermal, LLC

Licenses and certifications:

Licensed State of Maine Water Well Commission Geothermal Closed Loop Master Drillers and Installers

IGSHPA Certified At Oklahoma State University Ground Source Heat Pump Institute

Licensed EPA Refrigeration Tech

Member of Maine Ground Water Association , past Legislative Committee Member

Bosch Geothermal Factory trained

NATE certified


Company History

Client Geothermal Project

FOUNDED in 2007 by David A. Leonard, a Falmouth resident for over 40 years.

Education. Falmouth High School, Rochester Institute of Technology

Background in Mechanical Engineering, Machine Tool Sales , Aircraft, Auto and Boat Mechanics.

Owner of Evergreen Geothermal attended IGSHPA installer training at Oklahoma State University.

Purchased drilling equipment in 2008

Over 150 systems installed. Specialists in residential market, new construction and retrofits.

Based in Falmouth, ME.

Specialists in closed loop installations.

We design and install complete systems, and do our own engineering.

We have extensive experience with both well water and closed loop type geothermal systems.

We specialize in municipal wastewater treatment effluent heat recovery projects.

We design the most efficient Greenhouse and Boat /Equipment storage shed systems on the market.

Evergreen Geothermal Looper Rig