How it works

Geothermal Systems use electrical energy very efficiently, by moving the sun’s stored heat from a well in the ground into your home, using a Ground Source Heat Pump.

Geothermal heat pumps use the “Endless Energy” from the earth to heat your house, by pumping it out of a well drilled in your yard, concentrating it to a warmer temperature, and moving it inside your house. It works very much like the refrigerator in your kitchen, which is actually very similar to a Geothermal heat pump. A heat pump is run by electricity, which it can use at efficiencies as high as 400% to 500%. It is economical and responsible to heat and cool this way.

Our systems retrieve 4 times as much heat energy from the ground as they use in electrical energy to run.

Financial security

Geothermal heat costs less than ½ of what heating with oil or propane does, on average about 65 – 70% less.

If you are spending $3500 on oil, we can heat your home for an electric bill of about $1100.

This is a $2400 annual savings! Every year! Sounds too good to be true, but contact us and we will supply references. $2400 a year adds up fast. What other investment will give you a return forever, regardless of financial markets?

Electricity is a publicly regulated utility. Our power grid is being steadily improved, and our suppliers get their power from many sources. Because oil is only about 4% of the mix in Maine, the electricity market is only slightly effected by the volatile oil market.

Retirees and others on fixed incomes love Geothermal systems, as they provide security against the extreme fluctuations of oil and gas prices. Often the immediate savings will more than pay for the cost to finance a system.

Evergreen Geothermal