"Last month electric bill was under $400. That included the mini split costs for the barn, Christmas lights, exterior lights for 5 hrs/day, and 4 people doing laundry using electric dryer which is great for 6500 sf of total heated space!" 
-- Happy Customer, Southern, Maine 
"The A/C was much appreciated this summer. We spent all of July in Old Orchard and we were very comfortable. We are very happy with it. The system has added to the aesthetic charm of our beloved bungalow. It was definitely the right decision!"

Thank you,

-- Lisa J.

"At one point, Dave mentioned that May and September were the best months for baselining geothermal systems --- relatively little heat or A/C use.

We got our May CMP bill today.  Looks like we ended up somewhere around $650 - $675 for the November - April heating period.  And that's with the downstairs thermostats set at 68 degrees for the entire winter and the upstairs thermostat at 66.  And I can't remember turning them down when we were at Sugarloaf or traveling."

Pretty sweet.  

-- Steve F.