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With New England winters and rising oil prices, it's no wonder people are turning to Geothermal energy to heat their homes and offices. Geothermal heat is safe, efficient, quiet and free of the rising costs that plague fossil fueled heat. Evergreen Geothermal, LLC, specializes in installing closed loop geothermal systems for residential and commercial customers.

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Why GeoThermal

GeoThermal Energy Is More Efficient
GeoThermal Energy Saves Money
No Fuel & No By-Products
Government Tax Credits Available

Evergreen GeoThermal & You!

Our systems are designed so that they can handle even the coldest of Maine winter days. This saves money on installation, equipment and above all fuel. At todays oil prices, geothermal heat is about 1/2 the cost of heating with oil. 

Our customers know the value of a dollar and they'd rather not watch it go up the chimney when they can bring it up from the ground. We offer systems starting in price from $10,000.00. Typical installations are in the $30-50k range, depending on home size and complexity of installation. Give us a call today and we can set you and your home on the path to independence.


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Did You Know? 

We specialize in Closed Loop Vertical Bore systems, however we also install Standing Column Well systems and even retrofit heat pumps to existing domestic water sources, with little to no modification. Above all, we do what is best for our clients and tailor the system to meet each of their unique needs. Learn More